Food Art Photography – Top Secrets of a Food Stylist

Art comes in various shapes and forms. One particular art that is quite popular would be food art photography that usually requires the expertise of a food artist.

Have you ever wondered how that particular burger looked awesome in the photo but the actual burger that was served doesn’t look half as appealing? Read on to know a few food stylist trade secrets.


The perfect ice cream scoop is actually lard mixed with a correct amount of powdered sugar and color to give a hint of the flavor.

Motor Oil

Motor oil is used as an alternative to sauce or syrup to make it rich and thick.

Spray Fabric Protector

Used to prevent any motor oil “sauces” or “syrups” from soaking into the French toast or pancake.


Have you ever wondered how they were able to create a high stack of sandwich or burger? The secret is lots and lots of toothpicks carefully inserted and hidden in-between layers.

Toothpicks are also great for holding fruits in place that would normally have rolled off the top of the food they are adorning.


No matter how carefully I twirl my noodles on a serving platter, I never got to make it look as good as the magazine photo. Now, I understand why. I honestly had to try this one. It was a painstaking process (at least for me) but the final product was photograph worthy.

Brown Liquid Shoe Polish

Painted on raw meat, the brown liquid shoe polish can give the appearance of a perfectly roasted meat that is still succulent.

White Glue

The cereals don’t become soggy throughout the entire photoshoot because white glue is used instead of milk. It also makes for a more stable “floating cereal” look.


Those perfectly stacked flapjacks or pancakes have sturdy cardboard expertly hidden between stacks. To make it more picture perfect, a little motor oil syrup is poured.

If you are interested in food art photography, why not try these trade secrets to see if you can replicate them on your own.

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