How to Create Photography Art Using Your Phone

Mobile phones have come a long way. From the standard calls, to call and text features, we now have mobile phones that can take photos anywhere and anytime that we want.

Every year, mobile phone companies try to outcompete each other by releasing new models that claim to produce the best photos and effects that you would want. The setback is that they can be pretty pricey.

No worries! Read on for some tips on how to create photography art using your mobile phone without needing to purchase the latest mobile phone model.

Ethereal Shot

Wrap cling wrap or saran wrap at least twice over the phone camera lens. Smear a small amount of petroleum jelly over the wrapped lens and shoot away. Take note that the amount of applied petroleum jelly does produce different results, so you might want to experiment a little.

Through a Magnifying Glass

You can use a magnifying glass to create a macro lens for your phone camera. Adjust the distance of your phone from the magnifying glass and object that you are taking a photo of to either magnify or distort the image.

Filtered Photography

You only need a piece of colored transparent plastic and tape for this work of art. The thinner the plastic the clearer the photo though.

Another version of filtered photography would be using colored glass or even your sunglass if that’s what you already have on hand.

Want to go one step further? You can trace the outline of your phone’s camera hole onto a cardboard. Draw a bigger circle around the traced pattern. Cut the pattern so you get a “donut” looking cut-out.

The cut-out will now serve as base to attach different materials that you think would make great filters, such as a piece of colored nylon, latex gloves, and even tulle fabric.

Pinhole Mimicry

Create a pinhole effect on your phone camera by taping a piece of cardboard (that has been poked with a small needle) on top of the lens. Adjust the hole depending on your preference.

Once you achieve the perfect picture, print it out on photo paper and have it framed so you can proudly display your work of art.

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