Hi there! Welcome to Medium Phobic!

My name is Carlos Cook and I’ll be your tour guide to the wonderful world of Art.

My love for art started at the early age of 6. I remember the very first art set that I received from my father for Christmas. It was a box filled with crayons, colored pencils, paint brushes, and watercolors.

While I was very happy with my gift, I guess my mother wasn’t that thrilled since I often chose our blank walls as my canvass of choice. She’d often come home from work to find a new artwork on the wall.

After several attempts at cleaning the walls…and reminding me that the walls are NOT to be used as my art canvass, she decided to tape blank sheets of paper on our walls that made for more harmonious evenings at home. Those were such good times!

As years progressed, I realized one thing – I am definitely no Picasso protégé. This hasn’t stopped my love for art though!

You can just imagine how happy I was to discover that you can now buy a DIY art set which would allow you to recreate paintings done by Picasso or Van Gogh by following the number color code. Think of it as color by numbers.

Here at Medium Phobic, my aim is to share with fellow art enthusiasts valuable and the latest information about art.

I hope you join me in my art adventure. Come back soon!